Fire to Air Element

Jupiter’s transition from Leo to Virgo also means a shift in elements. Leo is a fire sign. Jupiter got hot! Virgo is an air sign. Now it’s time to cool down and breathe! The fire of transformation was enough, and with enough air, the changes that were made can be sustained. The conscious breath of life will prevail!

More information coming soon on the change from Leo to Virgo dear friends! A good revolution takes enough time to complete!


Activating Mandala

This Mandala was created by members of the Bloomfield House including my self. Thank you to the Bloomfield House. This Mandala has been activated. It represents peace, unity, and balance. Its dance activation represents an energetic expansion of the frequencies of peace and understanding. Thank you for understanding.

Conquering Lion 05

From Mandali Moments

to Om Numah Shivaya

moment by moment

song by song

I’m keeping transitions long

and styles switch positions

like a swan

i’m listening to the love

of consciousness

and the consciousness of love

close your eyes

listen in

rise above

the Lion is glistening!

Camcussion & Ace Prime Selector – Come Fly With Us


Cam and I created these two tracks which were recently released. It’s a free download on Crystal Vortex records. Honey Journey and Mountain Tea are the names of the tracks. We were drinking Mountain Tea as we created Mountain Tea. Honey Journey is dedicated to the bees in a way as you can hear me say “Thank you dear bees.” Both tracks were created from our inspired jam sessions. It was fun to make. Please enjoy the sounds. Thank you

Monday Night Poetry



allowing naturally

river flowing gradually

sun setting silently

moon manifesting radiantly

and saliently.

riled up with calm-excitement

rallying for enlightenment

elation and rocking

natural relations,

thinking about the

friendships, relationships,

soulships and key-peeps

nature hands us,

an eye on us she keeps

truth seeps and makes

bounds by leaps

reindeer-feet and

sugarcane dear likes

spikes in my natural smile,

i’m feeling natural style

easing the flow,

pass, slide, perception

insistent inflection

looking at nature

i see my reflection

call it meflection

never mind the mind

my mind is flexing.



I play everything drums

adding rhythm

multiply sums

drink drum juice

it’s too fun too

bonus points up

healing milk

cow moomoo

smile yoohoo

neighbour drumsaber

vision quest on drums

spirit flavour

shakers too sharp

like razors

earth raisers

scaling the moon phasers

relieving the drum soon

season monsoon

storming drum platoon

sounds, trees maples

fairy tales and fables

angels flying overhead

air-raiders, evaders

light feathers together

rising dewdrops and vapours

rhythm quest

keys minor and major

pencils have erasers

everyone can drum

everyone is born

under the sun

with two eardrums.

drums fruity, figs, plums

have fun, shakers shaking

and one drum.

Jupiter and Venus Meet

venus and jupiter with leo

For more technical information on this, check out this link.

For a more poetic translation, read this:

Jupiter and Venus meeting

in such a delicious encounter.

Counting the moments they’ll share together,

like a pair of celestial beings in dance above the ether,

This alignment of grand spheres can dissolve the greatest fears.

I hear, that a look and peer, in the general view of the two

can reveal sights leading to vision,

planetary precision

and daily decisions

into outer-space intuition.

When we look so far out,

a part looks within,

and sees the win,

of introspection

from binoculars inspecting.

Venus and Jupiter both resonate with the Heart-plane

an alignment in the inner dimensions

it might rain.

It rains love energy

and when it rains it storms.

Love is the all-pervading power.

It likes to get our attention

and bring noses together.

No need for hypnosis to know this,

Jupiter can represent our beliefs and our thought-maps

and when it meets the lovely Venus,

a planet representing our social aspects,

it lets us then ask questions.

Are my social beliefs in session?

Do they align me with the north node?

Am I serving my highest good?

Is heaven my abode?

Or has Earth dominated my attention?

What is the Ascension?

A rise in consciousness pending,

love-thoughts are sending,

no need for pretending.

Love has an ear to be lending.

No need to struggle for self-fending

when all you ask is given

so start befriending.

A spiritual adventure into dance activism and the New Earth energies